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" The fact that I’m silent doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. "

- Jonathan Carroll (via michellelinhnguyen)

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I am almost ready…

I have always wanted a tattoo. On my wrist. But that’s obviously not very professional for the line of work I would like to be in. So I’ve put this line of thinking on hold for some years, until recently. Now I think I have FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! ….maybe. It’ll take another month or so of hardcore thinking I’m sure. But I’ll get there. I think I’d like to have only two. And I am a firm believer in them meaning something. Not just randomly getting whatever pops into your head on a drunk night at a tattoo party or what have you. That’s complete nonsense to me. All them stars, butterflies and swirlies and designs and shit. No thank you. Unless of course it’s done in a unique way and represents something to YOU. Then by all means, dooittt. I’m just saying, don’t need my body looking like a walking old school myspace background. Haha.