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30 day office challenge <3


30 Day Office Challenge

• Day #01 - Favorite female character
• Day #02 - Favorite male character
• Day #03 - Favorite episode
• Day #04 - Favorite scene
• Day #05 - Favorite quote

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Tumblr!!! I have RETURNED!!! And am kicking off my return with an Office 30 day challenge. :)


Oscar: Michael, you need to declare bankruptcy!



I remember every second of us. And talking to you today, I feel for them like nothing I feel for you. I didn’t joke with any of them. I joked with you. You were the only one who was actually happy to hear from me. And I don’t know why you downgraded what we had, but I did not make us up.
Ok..Oh, and you should talk to a doctor because you might have herpes. Bye.

marcusmumfordplease:j o y